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Professional Services

In addition to my career coaching practice, I have more than 14 years’ experience working as a communication professor, trainer and consultant. And because of that, I am proud to offer Professional Services in the following two related areas:

Career Development Training

Based on my natural communication skills, expertise and results-driven techniques, I provide Career Development Training that sharpens skills, increases productivity and boosts employee morale. Best of all, my training solutions are customizable to meet your budget and organizational goals.

See examples of my training topics below:

  • Dealing with Difficult Colleagues

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Customer Service Skills 2.0

  • Dealing with Workplace Stress

  • Developing People Skills

  • Communication Skills for Women 

  • Assertive Communication Skills

  • Improving Time Management Skills

  • Soft-Skills Training for Millennials

  • Procrastination Proof Techniques

  • Applying Problem Solving Skills

  • Benefiting from Constructive Criticism

  • Developing the Right Attitude

  • And More…

If you don’t see a topic that you have in mind. No worries. I can create a training program as an additional service according to your specifications.  

Let’s Work Together to Address Your Training Needs

Public Speaking

Are you looking for a panelist, guest or keynote speaker who is engaging, eloquent, and prolific? Are you looking for a public speaker who can captivate an audience with the power of message? 


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then look no further. I have delivered numerous speeches for different occasions, facilitated workshop and training seminars about topics related to career, personal and professional development.


In addition to teaching countless numbers of students as a Communication Professor, I also hold a doctoral degree in Speech Communication. My natural ability to connect with an audience allows me to share powerful messages that inform, empower, and inspire. 

Here is a sample of my previous speech topics:

  • Here is a sample of my previous speech topics:

  • The Power of a Career Vision

  • Why Passion and Purpose Matters

  • Putting Fear into Perspective

  • Is College the Only Pathway That Leads to Success?

  • Why It’s Important to Explore Career Options

  • Why Millennials Need Soft-Skills  

  • Career Planning 101 For Young Adults

  • Minority Entrepreneurship and More

Let Me Help You Captivate Your Audience

“Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.”  

-Author Unknown