How Will the Global Pandemic Affect Employment Opportunities?

The global pandemic has affected large numbers of companies and businesses all around the world, including the U.S. The pandemic has led to a lot of uncertainty for jobseekers, unfortunately for graduating seniors of the class of 2020. The common rhetorical question being asked is, “Will the pandemic slow down staff recruitment thereby reducing employment opportunities, or will it give rise to increasing employment opportunities? Or will there be long-term hiring freezes and layoffs?

These questions cannot be answered at this time because the truth is nobody really knows. One thing we know for sure is that most companies, industries, as well as institutions of higher learning will never go back to business as usual.

The Effect of This Pandemic on Employment Opportunities

The pandemic has affected the current economic stability of countries and the world, but not all industries are experiencing a slowdown. In fact, there are several industries that continue to thrive during the pandemic such as online remote learning companies, grocery stores, entertainment, cleaning companies, gaming apps, medical supplies, creative entrepreneurs and more.

Once restrictions are lifted and people feel like it is safe to go back to work, there is no doubt that job searches will become more competitive. Some industries that need workers might have to start accepting recruitment emails and resumes online even before the end of the global pandemic.

That’s why job seekers at all levels should remain competitive, active and consistent. Job seekers should not wait or predict when it will be best for industries to resume work. They should go online and begin looking for jobs in the meantime. If companies are busy planning how to recover and take charge of their workforce needs in a post COVID 19 world, jobseekers and furloughed employees should be focusing on how to add value to these companies.

How The Pandemic has Changed How We Learn and Work

The same way the pandemic has changed how students are educated around the world is the same way the pandemic will change how companies do business. Experts predict that a large percentage of employment opportunities will be brought down to the home-based operation. Most companies who have equipped their staff to work from home, may continue this practice for the foreseeable future.

Whether it gets better or worse, companies will need to reposition themselves to be more competitive, and so will their returning and changing workforce. It is likely that the hiring of staff will either slow down or speed up depending on the strategic plans and overall personnel needs of each company.

Advice to Job Seekers

Job seekers, including recent college graduates, are encouraged to put their best foot forward and to be open to changes which are more likely to come. Now is not the time to sit on the side lines and take a “wait and see approach.” Instead, now is the time to begin marketing yourself for a new world full of challenges and opportunities.