How to Make a Career Change in a Post COVID-19 World

As a result of global changes and economic instability due to the coronavirus pandemic, most people are experiencing fear, anxiety and uncertainty about what a post COVID 19 job market will look like. In fact, at the time this blog is being written, there are over 25 million people who have filed for unemployment in the United States alone. Concerns about what industries will recover and when, or whether certain industries will ever recover are now issues of serious concern.

This uncertainty is forcing most Americans to reexamine their careers, while many more are even considering new ones. Although the natural priority during this crisis is for us is to take care of family, health and home, the need to make sense of one’s career takes on a whole new meaning when our livelihoods become threatened. Questions about what drives and motivate us when it comes to careers result in meaningful soul searching and deep reflection.

The fact is careers are meant to reflect our skills and abilities by allowing us to earn an income through an expression of our natural gifts and talents. For too many of us, we view our careers as a means to an end, as simply a tool that enables us to provide for our families, maintain our lifestyles, meet our monthly obligations and plan for our futures.

So, what should you do if you are considering a career change in the midst of a changing world? Here are four tips to consider if you are consider going through the process.

  • Be Flexible: Flexibility is key when it comes to pursuing a career change. It means getting rid of preconceived notions you may have been holding onto about what career success actually looks like. Avoid measuring your success based on a title, salary, company affiliation and professional status. Instead, be prepared to pursue and embrace change.

  • Develop New Skills: Even before you decide on what career goal you want to pursue; you should determine if it is necessary to acquire new skills and experiences. If so, you can try learning online, acquiring a certification, learning from the pros in the field or working with a mentor that can facilitate professional development. The main thing to keep in mind is that you are developing and investing in yourself for the career you intend to choose.

  • Pursue a Career That Will Lead to Satisfaction: Career satisfaction is not just about financial stability. It is about emotional and psychological stability. There is nothing more disappointing than living a life based on regrets because you never gave yourself permission to discover a career you will love. So, step out on faith and go for what adds spice to your life.

  • Resist Any External Pressure or Feeling To Please Anyone While Choosing a Career: Your career and your life pleasure are intertwined. So, do not risk your future because someone out there promised you something better when you know it's not what you really want to do. Instead, choose a career that speaks to who you are. Avoid the temptation to choose a career that makes other people happy, but leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. You owe yourself the freedom to be who you really are and to do what lights your soul on fire.

In closing, having a clear picture of what you want when it comes to choosing or changing your career is extremely important if you want to live a better quality of life. If you fail to understand this, you come up short if achieving and living a life of fulfillment is what you desire most. Bottom line. You must be clear and intentional about your career goals and go for what you want.