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Are you ready to sign up for coaching, but don’t want to order a package?
No worries. You can pick and choose the type of career-related services you need from the On-Demand Career Services below.
Single Session Coaching

This service includes a 60-minute career coaching session for clients who are not signed up for a coaching package. It is only beneficial if you have one or two specific ideas or questions you want to explore. This session can also be used for follow-up coaching sessions.

COST - $125

Custom Coaching Session

This service is designed for clients who feel that an individually tailored program is the best choice for them. The process begins with an intake session to gather information about your specific career goals. At the end of this session, we will discuss your career coaching options and create a customized package that meets your needs.


NOTE: This custom coaching session is priced at the single session rate and requires a minimum of four coaching sessions. 

COST - $125

Laser Session Coaching

This service is a bundle package of three single coaching sessions. It is ideal for clients who already know their specific career concerns, but need help developing a short and long-term strategy to effectively address them. 

NOTE: This package is priced at full hourly rate with no available discounts. The three coaching sessions must be completed within a six week time period.

COST - $375

Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI)

This service comes with online access to the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, one 60-minute review session with verification and explanation of your results, as well as a personalized career report and additional resources to address your specific career concern.

COST - $150

Strong Interest Inventory (Career Planning Assessment)

This service comes with online access to the Strong Interest Inventory, one 60-minute review session with verification and explanation of your results, and a personalized career report.

COST - $150

Personal Statement for College Application (From Rough Draft)

This service is perfect for those who already have a rough draft of the personal statement and need help to craft an effective, personal statement for college admissions.

COST - $99

Professional Resume and Cover Letter Review

This service comes with review and editing of your current Resume/CV, and cover letter by a professional certified resume writer. (Prices may vary depending on income and professional level.)

COST - $299

Interview Coaching Session

This service includes a 60-minute coaching session, along with useful resources, to help you prepare you for "behavioral style" interviews and interviewing success.        

COST - $125

Youth Career Guidance

This service is designed for students and young adults who need help with one or two specific areas such choosing a college major, exploring career options beyond high-school or figuring out what to do next.  


NOTE: This service comes with two 45-minute coaching sessions and one career planning assessment.

COST - $239

Career Discovery Boot-Camp

This is a four hour training workshop that addresses college and career concerns. There are two versions of this workshop, one for high-school students and the other for young adults (ages 18-24).

NOTE: Refer to event calendar for schedule.

COST - $129 (High-School Students)

COST - $189 (Young Adults, Ages 18-24)

Career Development Webinar

This is a ninety-minute online class on various career-related topics. Students will be emailed webinar link 48 hours before class begins. Space is limited. Refer to event calendar for schedule. 

COST - $60

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